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 Collection of shorter poetry I created

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PostSubject: Collection of shorter poetry I created   Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:37 am


Tongue of existence.
Tiring to the body.
Tomorrow's promise.
'Tis the bane of ere.
Tosses the worries.
Tiderip of life.
Tome of wisdom.
Ticks on.
Tocks on.


An enemy is one
Who will drag you in health
And laugh in sickness

An acquaintance is one
Who will talk in a bounty
But visit only in trouble

A friend is one
Who helps in harvest
And comforts in hardship.

Life is one
Who in health is a enemy
In trouble is a acquaintance
And death is a friend,
who will mourn your passing

The Elements of My Love

The burning passion of my love
Grows greater than the tallest tree.
As cool and fresh as the winter air;
As graceful and majestic as the sea.
The elements of my love
Will to you for er be.
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Collection of shorter poetry I created
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